Your immune system is an extremely clever network of cells, organs, proteins and antibodies in your body – all working together to protect you. We usually only think about our immune system when we get sick but it’s always working away in the background every day working to keep us safe.

Let’s face it – nobody likes to be ill. And in 2020 we all know that having a strong immune system is vital for your health. A healthy diet should be top priority when it comes to fighting off infection and there are some simple steps you can take to improve it. Here are some of the best immunity-boosting superfoods you can buy right now.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli provides your body with five essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. It is also packed full of fiber and other antioxidants. This means that Broccoli packs a real immunity.-boosting punch and is definitely one of the best vegetables you should be eating on a daily basis.

Be sure not to overcook your Broccoli or you’ll be killing off its valuable nutritional properties. Gently boil it and cook it as little as possible. If you’re brave – you can also start eating it raw as a tasty afternoon snack!

2. Ginger

Ginger is another well known superfood commonly found in your kitchen cupboard. The health benefits of ginger are well-known and it’s especially renowned for helping to reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

This colourful spice spice can also help out when it comes to sore throats, nausea and even high cholesterol! It’s also a powerful immunity booster so it’s well worth adding some to your next dish.

3. Garlic

5 Top immunity-boosting superfoods
5 Top immunity-boosting superfoodsGarlic is one of the superfoods.

Garlic is another kitchen staple. As well as enhancing the flavour of your food, it can also help boost your immunity. Research conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health in the United States found that garlic consumed regularly also helped to reduce blood pressure levels. One of the compounds found in garlic – allicin – is particularly useful and keeping your immune system fighting fit.

4. Blueberries

Blueberries are one of our favourites here at the Wholesome Choice office! As well as being tasty with pretty much anything, they are a true anti-oxidant superfood that you can enjoy on a daily basis to improve your immunity. They have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and are easy to eat on their own, with yoghurt or even sprinkled on a nice lunchtime salad. The options are endless.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is often used in Indian curries. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and Turmeric Extract is often found in joint pain supplements because it can help relieve the symptoms of osteoporosis and arthritis. It has a very high concentration of curcumin which can also with reducing muscle soreness after intense workouts. Next time you’re cooking up a curry in the kitchen, why not sprinkle a little in for some added kick?