Pumpkin spice, Halloween, and Christmas are all in the air – it’s time for family, fun, and wearing all those cute outfits that were too hot for summer (Covid permitting of course!). With winter fun, however, comes the risk of winter sniffles. While you can never quite guarantee you won’t get ill in the cold season, there’s a lot you can do to prime your immune system to stay healthy no matter what life throws at it. Here’s 3 essential winter supplements everyone should be taking to keep them feeling great all winter long

Vitamin D

Long neglected as something that ‘just happened’ when we spent time outside, science has finally dug deep into this fat-soluble vitamin- and discovered we need it for all sorts of important things. Nor are most of us getting anywhere near enough of it.

Vitamin D is produced in the skin in response to sunlight, but most of Europe and North America don’t get strong enough sunlight over winter to help. There’s also a risk for skin cancer in over-exposing skin to the sun’s rays. Awkwardly, Vitamin D is also tough to get from diet alone.

Yet Vitamin D is linked to bone health, wound healing, helps offset depressive effects (especially seasonal mood disorders caused by the shorter days), keeps the brain healthy, and boosts the immune system. In fact, it interacts directly with infection-busting cells, and has a link to reducing respiratory tract infections, too. 

Aim to take about 1000iu of Vitamin D3 daily this winter in a quality supplement to reap the benefits


Unlike many other ‘home remedies’ to scare off the flu, this one has some scientific backing behind it. Not only does maintaining healthy levels of Zinc in the body help keep away winter viruses, it can also shorten the duration of the infection should you catch a cold, too. It helps boost antibody production, and also stops viruses adhering to the mucous membranes as easily.

You can up your intake through oysters, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and beans, or opt to add a daily supplement to your morning regime. If you feel a dose of the sniffles coming on, pop a megadose that day (just don’t megadose all the time, or you run the risk of overdoing it). Zinc lozenges have proven to be a great way to supplement- and a fantastic way to soothe a sore throat, too

Vitamin Bs and C

The Vitamin B family has a host of benefits for your body. Not only do they help ensure your immune system is running at it’s best, but they also boost mood, keep the brain and nervous system healthy, and can boost energy and soothe anxiety. So they will help you feel better through fortifying your immune system and by tuning up your energy levels and general wellbeing. It’s win-win with these powerhouses!

Like the Vitamin B family, Vitamin C is water-soluble, which means you need to eat adequate amounts every day because the body can’t store it. While it’s been a little over-hyped as the one-and-only cure for ‘flu (it’s not, really, and zinc outperforms it), it does help decrease the impact of viruses on the body if you get sick, and has many important duties in the body.

With these powerhouses on your side, you’ll be much better prepared to ward off the sniffles this winter. More fun and less flu is within your grasp!