Man with insomnia
In 2020 you will probably not be surprised to learn that rates of insomnia are on the increase.

Insomnia is an extremely common health condition and with all that’s been happening this year you probably won’t be surprised to learn that more and more of us are having difficult sleeping. As well as taking natural supplements many people overlook that simple lifestyle adjustments such as diet and exercise can have a big impact on your sleep quality. So let’s take a look at a few handy hints for dealing with insomnia…

Engage with your workouts

You’ve probably heard this time and time again but regular gym workouts (especially cardio) will undoubtably improve the quality of your sleep as well as the total amount of sleep you’re getting each night. However it’s best to avoid working out late at night if at all possible as this can create a stimulant effect on the body. You should finish workouts around four hours before bedtime ideally. Here at Wholesome Choice we love getting our workouts done first thing in the morning to get them done and set up the rest of our day perfectly.

Engage with mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation has become increasingly popular in recent years and is a proven method for helping you switch off and relax – perfect for insomnia sufferers. You can get started by taking just using a few minutes to sit quietly in a chair – observing your breath, thoughts, body, sensations, and feelings while they rise and pass. Meditation is proven to provide numerous benefits to your mental health such as improving concentration, reducing stress levels, and even boosting overall immunity. Various studies have shown that mindfulness meditation has been able to deliver effective results with overcoming insomnia so why not give it a try today?


Yoga is another natural remedy available for tackling insomnia. We can attest that it can create a positive impact on the overall quality of your sleep as well as improving the overall physical functioning of your body. It’s also an incredible stress buster and will help boost and sharpen your mental focus.

There are numerous methods and types of yoga available so it’s worth taking a look through these styles and picking one that focuses more on breath work or meditation (such as Hatha). Then you can go through controlled and slow movements, which can help deliver the insomnia-beating results that you’re craving. Doing yoga for just 20 minutes a day is more than enough for you to get a positive result. However, it is also better if you can go for longer sessions a few times a week so that you can receive the true benefit of this life-changing habit!


Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing massage? There’s nothing better for helping you totally unwind and de-stress after a tough day. You also don’t always need to seek the assistance of a professional therapist for massage therapy sessions every time – you can try some self-massage and allow the mind to focus on sensations and feelings of touch. This will help you to improve your overall mental wellbeing and tackle insomnia.

Increase your intake of magnesium

Any person who is planning to tackle insomnia naturally should look to increase their magnesium intake. A common mineral that occurs naturally in the body, it helps relieve stress and also helps to get your muscles to relax. It can also help provide you with more healthy sleep patterns. You just need to take a magnesium supplement or consume more foods that containing magnesium and soon you’ll be reaping the benefits!

Try out a few of these tips and you’ll be getting a better nights sleep in no time!