Stress and anxiety are probably two things we deal with every day. 

Work, family, friends, studies, hobbies – these are only a few of the everyday things you need to deal with. Sometimes, when you even just go out on the street and stand by your patio, you might even see something that can trigger your stress. 

Sadly, not all of us are good at managing it. There are lots of things recommended that you can try like: 

  • Exercising
  • Eating Healthy
  • Sleep

These are all great and can work. But for most people, knowing how to relax your body is the best way to go. And one of the best relaxation techniques you can try is yoga. 

Yoga is a form of exercise that has been existing for thousands of years. It has always been linked as a great stress reliever as it combines physical activity, breathing, relaxation, and clearing the mind. 

If you’ve never tried it before and somehow want to know why many people are practising it, below are four ways yoga helps manage stress. 


If you don’t like heavy and fast physical activities like running, biking, swimming, Zumba, cardio, etc., yoga would be perfect for you. It’s a slow exercise that gets you moving but is more designed to increase your strength and flexibility. 

In yoga, you’ll be dealing with several poses that help you relax. These poses mainly target pressure points in our bodies that somehow tense up when we’re stressed. This includes our backs, shoulders, and hips. 

The transition from one pose to another is done slowly, helping you focus on your body more. On top of that, you tend to stay in one pose for extended periods, enabling you to explore how that pose somehow gives your body relief in particular areas. 


When we’re too stressed, one thing that most people would say is to breathe slowly and deeply. This is because breathing this way reduces your stress hormones and will supply more oxygen to your brain. 

Along with doing the poses, yoga also teaches you how to control your breathing properly. Apart from focusing on the poses, you also get to concentrate on how you breathe, thus letting you stay in the present moment. 

Clearing the Mind

Because yoga encourages you to stay at present, it somehow encourages you to empty your mind. 

It tells you to let go of the past or stop thinking about the future. If you have made a mistake yesterday and you were scolded by the boss, forget about that. If you have a pile of tasks to finish, you need to stop thinking about that. 

Instead, the practice wants you to only stay in the present, which is with you doing yoga. 


If you think about it, the combination of exercise, breathing, and a clear mind will eventually result in you being more calm and relaxed. This is exactly what yoga wants to accomplish. 

With just about five to ten minutes of yoga, you’ll feel the release of the bad energy brought by stress, and you’ll feel refreshed. This then results in you enjoying your day better and even having a peaceful rest at night.