Wholesome Choices take a closer look at Menopace Max by Vitabiotics…

In this review we’ll be casting our eye over Menopace Max by Vitabiotics which makes the bold claim of being the “UK’s Number 1 Menopause Brand”. Founded in 1971, Vitabiotics have certainly been around long enough and have firmly established themselves as one of the UK’s biggest supplement manufacturers with an extensive range of products catering to all kinds of health and wellness requirements.

The menopause supplement industry is booming, causing an influx of new brands to enter the marketplace. With such increased competition it’s vital to ensure you’re getting the best possible product for your hard-earned money. It’s easy to get taken in by good marketing over a good product so you need to be looking beyond fancy TV commercials and advertising. Before purchasing any supplement brand you should take a closer look at the ingredients, side effects, customer service and online reviews.

Menopace Max was made to provide the “highest level of nutritional support in the Menopace” range and offers a blend of 26 nutrients with the aim of improving the symptoms of menopause and helping to keep your hormones in check. All of Vitabiotics’ products can be purchased on their official website as well as in major retailers such as Holland and Barrett and Boots.

Formula and ingredients

Vitabiotics sell three different products in their Menopace range – Original, Plus and Max. Products made by this brand do not contain any drugs or hormones. The Max product we are reviewing here provides 26 nutrients in total including vitamins, minerals, Calcium, Red Clover and Green Tea. It’s certainly a comprehensive ingredient profile with far more ingredients that most supplements we’ve seen. It contains decent doses of Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Red Clover and more. To get all of this you need to take 3 separate capsules on a daily basis.

Product Guarantee

Vitabiotics have made it clear that results will vary depending on the individual and don’t seem to offer anything in the way of a money-back guarantee if you don’t achieve the desired results. They promise that their products are gluten-free, vegetarian, never tested on animals and contain no added colours or preservatives.

Product Effectiveness & Value

Menopace Max is the top product in the range but is priced fairly reasonably. The recommended retail price is £24.95 for 84 capsules which is 28 days total supply. It seems to be priced similarly to other comparable products in the marketplace so offers decent value.

Reviews on the effectiveness of Menopace Max seem to be generally favourable. We found a decent amount of reviews on Amazon stating that peoples experiences with taking the product were mostly positive and customer sentiment on the whole seems generally good. In looking around other online review mostly people were generally satisfied with the results that the product gave them.

Customer Satisfaction

We noted that quite a few people weren’t particularly pleased at having to take so many capsules per day and found it quite inconvenient. A number of customers also mentioned the large capsule size and the somewhat unpleasant taste. Some put this down to the 100% natural ingredients contained within the products. We also noted that a few people reported some fairly unpleasant side effects like nausea and constipation although these reports were limited. A lot of customers reported that they would have liked to have seen the company adopt a 100% satisfaction guarantee program so that people could claim their money back if they aren’t satisfied like a lot of other products on the market offer.

Final Thoughts

The product isn’t difficult to purchase, and is easily obtainable from the manufacturer’s website, Amazon or shops like Boots or Holland and Barrett. If you look elsewhere online, you will find customer reviews and comments fairly easily. 

So what’s the bottom line? On the whole the product contains a lot of ingredients for your money and is reasonably priced. However, we’re unsure if all of them have much of a specific benefit for Menopause-related symptoms and have just been added to make the product more of a multivitamin.

Our reservations with Menopace Max mostly surround the need to take three separate capsules daily, the large capsule size and reports of the unpleasant taste which make it something of a chore to take on a daily basis.

While it may be one of the more popular menopause supplements on the market we can’t help feeling that there are products that are more convenient to take out there on the market that offer better value for money with similar results.